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Bishopbriggs is a town in East Dunbartonshire, Scotland. It lies on the northern fringe of Greater Glasgow, approximately 4 miles (6 km) from the city centre. Historically in Lanarkshire, the area was once part of the historic parish of Cadder.

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Bishopbriggs is an affluent commuter suburb situated 5 miles north of Glasgow city centre.

Though close to Scotland’s largest city and with strong rail and road links, Bishopbriggs has been able to retain a sense of its own identity and is a thriving community with shopping and recreational facilities. The town centre is known as ‘The Bishopbriggs Cross’ and contains the town’s war memorial, erected in 1920, as well as many shops and restaurants, including the Triangle Shopping Centre. Source: Visit Scotland


Town Centre First Principle

Bishopbriggs.co.uk follows the Town Centre First Principle. Towns are challenged continually by changes to the way we do business whether this is loss of industry, manufacturing or shops, or changes arising from technology, digital connectivity and a global pandemic.

The aim is to support towns to adapt to these changes, so that they continue to meet the needs of residents, businesses and visitors. Sustainable regeneration of our towns can only be achieved through collaboration and investment which include or are led by local communities [Source].

Bishopbriggs.co.uk is planning to be the central digital tool for all stakeholders to benefit from. This includes the local community, local businesses, all work from home business owners. Everyone with a stake in Bishopbriggs.