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People will visit your profile for a number of reasons, its not just by chance.

Maybe they’ve seen your connection request and they’re checking you out.

Maybe they searched for something and your name came up.

Perhaps you’ve liked, commented or shared a post.

Lots of profile views are great because that means there’s more chance of someone contacting you if they think you can help them with an issue.

However we want the right people to visit our profile, the decision makers, the ones with budget and a need.

So how do you make sure the right people are viewing you?

As part of my LinkedIn Profile Transformation training, I cover the 15 areas you need to get right, and here’s my top 5 top tips.

  1. Headline – You must ensure this tells people how you help them, if your entry is simply your title, you’re wasting this opportunity.
  2. Your Photo – this has to be engaging and appropriate.  If you have a professional headshot, use it.  Just make sure its up to date!
  3. Your Banner – this is such a great branding opportunity, and I’m constantly surprised that more businesses don’t make more of it.
  4. The Summary, or about section.  –  LinkedIn have recently expanded the space available here.  Use this to tell us how you help your clients, what challenges you solve and why people should be coming to you.
  5. Your Experience.  – Again, use this space to show off what you do.
  6. Engagement (Bonus Tip) – Like, comment and Share.  Increase your Digital Rapport.  More interaction means more eyes on your profile.

I hope this is useful, for more ideas,

send me an email or a message on LinkedIn!


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