Crafting & Mindfulness -

The mental health benefits of crafting

Blog by Deborah Craig

Have you heard about the benefits of mindfulness?  Maybe you haven’t or maybe you have, but there might be some you haven’t considered before.  This blog will talk about mindfulness and how crafting has so many amazing benefits for your mental well-being.  It’s always important to think about ways to maintain good mental well-being, even more so during COVID-19.

Have a think to yourself as you read through this article about some of the thoughts, emotions and experiences you have been having.  Perhaps some may have been heightened by COVID-19.  Maybe feelings of stress and anxiety, maybe feeling lonely or isolated, maybe feel frustrated or overwhelmed.  Everyone will have their own personal experiences. 

Now let’s think about mindfulness & crafting and how they are connected.  How can we think and behave mindfully and what are the benefits of doing so? 



Focused attentionBeing able to bring our attention to a task or a moment at will.  It is helpful to learn how to discipline our minds this way, particularly if we find our thoughts and emotions being challenged ie stressed, anxious, angry.  

 Allows you to become fully focused on something that you enjoy.  Irrespective of what’s happening around you, you can tune out and become focused on your task in hand.  What’s your favourite part of crafting? Design, making, the results?? 

Acceptance & Letting goReminding ourselves that our thoughts are not facts.  When we act mindfully we create the space to let go any thoughts or experiences for that moment and accept being in the here and now, without judgement of self.  Be kind to yourself.   Engaging in something fun and creative releases dopamine – a natural anti-depressant.  So no matter what you are making or creating, the simple fact that you are engaging your brain in creativity is a natural de-stresser!  You don’t need to be a genius on the sewing machine or a master using a glue gun you simply need to get the creative juices flowing to improve how you are feeling.  No judgement on self, just simple, creative fun – being kind to yourself!

Present MomentBy bringing your attention to the present moment, you are not ruminating about the past or worrying about the future.  The past cannot be changed and the future is an unknown entity.  Practicing being mindfully present can bring a sense of peace and inner calm from which you can find clarity of the mind Crafting is a fantastic way to learn & develop a new skill.  The ability to apply yourself to the task in hand and become fully engaged brings in a sense of peace and calm away from the noise of the external world.  When you learn to focus on a crafting task, you are also gaining an amazing mental skill of working towards a goal. The sense of achievement at the end is an amazing reward for your focused, committed attention.

You might already enjoy going for a mindful walk or perhaps you meditate and use breath work.  Being able to focus on the breath either from the nose or as the breath rises and falls in the abdomen are often used as methods to help ground you. 

However, now you have learned that crafting is another great way to bring the same sense of calm and focused attention to your life which can help with stress management, emotional awareness and self-development.  It’s also super fun and a can be a shared family experience with the kids.

Blog by Deborah Craig
Hypnotherapist, Coach & Holistic Practitioner